Reissued: Braid

I've been enjoying the Japandroids record a fair amount, but every time I listen to it, I can't help but think "Man, this totally reminds me of Braid." To clarify, that's meant to be complimentary. Much of my current taste in music can be traced back to the point, right as the 90's were drawing to a close, where I (having been introduced to much of it by my roommate at the time, Marc) was obsessing over stuff like Braid, Mineral, Jawbox, Knapsack, etc. Seems like forever ago -- back when you could pick up almost any random album that came out of Jade Tree and the odds were reasonably high that it'd be pretty cool.

I'm feeling old.

Last year, Polyvinyl reissued what is argueably Braid's best record, Frame and Canvas. That's not to put down the rest of their discography, nearly all of which Polyvinyl will be putting back in print fairly soon. Though they haven't set a date more specific than "summer" yet, we'll get new vinyl copies of Frankie Welfare Boy Age 5, The Age of Octeen, Movie Music Vol. 1 & Vol. 2, and the I'm Afraid of Everything 7-inch. Let's hope they go a similar route as they have with the Mates Of State and Ida reissues and offer a special package deal.

I just wish that DeSoto had the resources to do a big vinyl reissue campaign. Wouldn't it be great to see Dismemberment Plan, Burning Airlines and Shiner back on wax?


2die4 said...

RE: "I'm feeling old."

You're not old - so long as a proportion of your interests still correspond with the targeted marketing by your beloved culture mavens: Urban Outfitters.

Seeing as they sell vinyl and a few items of interest within the apparel and homewares sections (not saying you should buy any of this), then you are technically within the late teens to late twenties demographic (not saying you should sleep with people in their late teens, but also not not saying that).

We cut you off at 30 though. No more records, plaid shirts, or screenprint throw pillows for you.

I'll call security.

Ben said...

Fuck... so, I've got just under five months left.

2die4 said...

time to play your favorite record whilst x-ing your favorite teenage throw pillow.