Snapshots of Boston

I was planning on writing something longer and more essay-ish for the first real post on this blog. I'll get to that eventually. For the moment, here's a bit of cell phone photography.

The weather out in Boston has been a little bit crazy for the last few days, resulting in canceled flights and huge amounts of time on hold while waiting to talk to a customer service representative. Above: views from the apartment of my friends, Anna and Aaron, shortly before learning that my flight was definitely not happening. Below: the street view in the evening, shortly after I managed to get my new flight details confirmed.

I'm not sure why, but for some reason I can't stop listening to Aqueduct's Power Ballads album this evening.

"Growing Up With GNR" by Aqueduct


2die4 said...

Bedazzle me with more multimedia documenting of your so-called life on mars. If you do not keep posting, I will have to assume that you are a boring and prosaic person and that all of your coolest moments have been rehearsed--and that you are all out of material. Bidizzle.

Ben said...

'My So-Called Life On Mars' is actually the TV series I hope to develop one day. It involves Claire Danes traveling back in time to the seventies to solve crimes and learn about the origins of Jordan Catalano's vintage coat.

2die4 said...

Until she finds out that his vintage coat--shaped like an overgrown and hirsute Labyrinth--is actually David Bowie's pubic hair gone wild. And then she notices his huge disco balls all like scintillating in the strobe lights with the beat just like: boom thump, boom-boom thump and then Jordan walks in with a maintenance jumper on and says some sly shit like: I heard you had a problem with the heat in here? and like totally stares at her thingies with a fucked up kind of smirk and the funky wah wah guitar music starts to groove on in but then David Bowie gets all jealous because everyone knows that he putts from the glitter and lipgloss rough and is kinda diggin on Jordan's long hair cut--which is identical to Clair Danes for some weird reason--and gets them all confused and starts trying to convince Jordan (Jared Leto) that Jennifer Connelly was sent from the funky ass future to like destroy his career by overshadowing him with thicker eyebrows and a very probably bigger disco sack than he himself exhibited in Panic Room and then Claire Danes rips off her face and everyone is like Holy Fuck! because its totally Dwight Yoakam under there and then David Bowie feels all overshadowed and even more jealous and rips off his face to reveal the lizard skin of that old and really cool sci-fi drama that used to air when we were like 3 years old called "V" but no one was really surprised because most people kinda suspected on some subconscious and reptilian part of their brains that David Bowie was never really much of an actual human being and more like a music god from a planet that looks eerily just like one of his disco nuts and man, the sunsets on his planet are really far out.

Ben said...

I love a good V' reference. Oh man. I used to love that. That, and the BBC miniseries of 'The Tripods' -- both staples of my early youth.