It's a shame about Dave and Ray

If I were Dave Davies (and, just to clarify, I'm not) I would certainly be tired of being popularly known as the less important Davies brother. I would also likely be sick of said concept being always mentioned when being written about, even by those who are trying to be positive. Always in the shadow of his older brother, Ray... blah blah blah.

Anyhow, while digging yesterday, I found a copy of Dave Davies' first solo album, titled after the album's own catalog number: AFL1-3606. On his website, Davies writes:
Throughout the 70's I made various attempts at making a solo album. I always wrote songs at home and recorded them in demo form, but whenever I went into a full blown studio situation ... It just never worked some reason. Working with session musicians I found difficult as it was hard to communicate my ideas generally... So I decided in the end to play all of the instruments myself like I would on a home demo. This felt so much better as I could kind of gently let the songs out of myself this way. I finished the album with the help of a great engineer John Rollo and finally I had an album I was happy with! 'In You I Believe' is still one of my favorite tracks from that period. I felt exhilarated. It was a great experience.
Beyond the music itself, I'm writing about this album because, as a designer, I'm absolutely floored by the album artwork -- especially considering the album was released midway through 1980. I mean, most of the artwork on 80's Kinks albums was fairly horrible, particularly in retrospect. To me, the art on AFL1-3606 feels pretty damn ahead of it's time, by anywhere between 15-25 years (which I arrive at by going "Could this have been a mid-to-late 90's Massive Attack 12-inch cover? Yes", and "Could this have been the cover of a MSTRKRFT or Holy Fuck 12-inch from last year? Also yes.")

Anyhow, mainly this post exists because I feel a need to display that artwork. It really is quite wonderful.

Oh, and as for older brother Ray's solo album covers...? Pretty boring, if you ask me.


2die4 said...

goddamn you and your every once and a while you might get around to writing one little blog about some little something or other.

that's shite.

you have a blog. the blog is a noun. it is a living, growing, responding entity.

you blog. the blog is a verb. it is how you share what you think, feel, see, hear, and need to get out.

fulfill these words because they describe you and your blog.

Ben said...

Well, I only think, feel, see, hear and need about once every week or two, so...