Photography: Telepathe / Ladytron / The Faint

On April 2nd, I attended the Telepathe / Ladytron / The Faint show at First Avenue. My friend Ben Zvan had invited me to shoot photos at the show with him. Unsurprisingly, it was a great show all around. It was my first time shooting with my new camera -- and for the most part I'm pleased with the results. I wish I had some faster lenses, but all things in time. It'll also be nice as I get a bit more familar with the new gear.

Below are a few of my favorite images. You can browse the larger gallery here. I'll link to the stuff [the other] Ben shot as soon as he gets it posted.



The Faint:

"Psycho" by The Faint


2die4 said...

love the new camera. what kind? and thanks for the preview...can't emma effin wait!

¡Tony! said...

Good color especially if those are the raw shots. What kind of camera?

Ben said...

Nikon D90. Yeah, most of the images aren't really retouched much at all... some very slight level adjustments, but they're mostly as I shot them.