Everybody loves a good montage sequence

One of these days, I swear I'll get around to the massive do-electro-remixes-of-the-entirety-of-the-Real Genius-soundtrack project. Really.

Just not anytime soon. Because I'm lazy. Also, my laptop really is (even after the hard drive surgery) going to self-destruct one of these days in the near future. Really.

This post primarily exists because of the Real Genius quotes traded over dinner tonight. (By the way, I think we all held ourselves back quite admirably. That could have gotten out of hand fast.) Plus, it's always fun to post Comsat Angels songs -- especially ones that are featured in really great montage sequences from really great movies.

Also, I've really got to try to track down at least the first three, maybe four, of their records. I've only got the "I'm Falling" 12-inch, and that's just not enough -- especially since, while being a great song, it really isn't the most representative of their other stuff. All things in time.

"I'm Falling" by The Comsat Angels

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