I had forgotten about this

This is a short video I did a few years ago, that I recently found on one of my external drives. My friend Burke had inherited his grandfather's record player and record collection, and I decided to make a short video piece about that. This is the initial rough cut -- I never did get around to doing a final version. Ultimately, I would have liked to trim the length down by at least a third, and made the whole thing a bit tighter. Also, the title was always just a placeholder -- never did figure out what I actually wanted to title it, so its currently stuck with a name I hate.

I hope to upgrade my video set-up one of these days (this was shot on a Hi-8 camera purchased sometime in 2001), but its hard to justify the expense. However, I'd love to do more pieces in this vein -- conversational documentary sort of stuff.


2die4 said...

very nice. very nice indeed.

Ben said...

Thanks, dude!