More things to look forward to

May 5th is shaping up to be a rather fabulous Tuesday. Sub Pop is putting out a revised version of Way Of The Vaselines, now titled Enter The Vaselines. The new even-more-definitive-than-before Vaselines collection will be a three LP affair. Not sure when this got announced, but I'm damn glad its happening. I've bid on a couple different copies of Way Of The Vaselines (as well as the nearly identical All The Stuff And More...) on ebay, but they've always gone for more than I was willing to spend. Speaking of price, here's the really good news: Insound has it available for pre-order for only $17. Happiness.

On the same day, Domino is reissuing The Kills' first LP, Keep On Your Mean Side. Definitely good news. Perhaps that means that No Wow will also get reissued in the near future. (I know its only just recently gone out of print... but I don't have a copy, dammit, so I'm hoping...)

"Kissy Kissy" by The Kills