There are moments that define just what kind of geek you are -- and they are, quite often, based around just what you are and are not willing to spend your money on.

Was I willing to spend $18 on LP of music from The Venture Brothers? Yes. Yes, I was. Because I'm that sort of geek.

Let's put this into perspective, though. I am both a Venture Brothers geek and a vinyl geek. This purchase hit a decently major intersection of geekiness for me. (I would be horrified to see a truly complete diagram of my obsessions.) In terms of the raw numbers, I haven't spent much money being a geek about Venture Brothers -- a t-shirt, two (until tomorrow; then three) DVDs, and, just a few moments ago, I purchased this record. However, I'm not willing to say how many records I've bought this month, let alone this year. I'm also not willing to put a dollar amount on it -- at least not publicly. So, I am forced to realize that I'm more ashamed about my geekiness over vinyl than my geekiness over Venture Brothers. Hmmm.

Patton Oswalt starts a story on Werewolves and Lollipops with the phrase:
My geekiness is getting in the way of my nerdiness.
I always really liked that line. Of course I do. I'm the kind of geek that has a copy of the vinyl pressing they did of Feelin' Kinda Patton -- and I've been a little upset that Werewolves hasn't gotten similar treatment yet.

There's that great, oft-quoted line from High Fidelity, where John Cusack's character, the record store owner Rob, says of vinyl and his customers:
The fetish properties are not unlike porn. I would feel guilty taking their money if I wasn't, kind of, well, one of them.
Ugh, so true. Hobbies and fetishes are really one and the same. Especially in the sense that, be it kinks or collectibles, one's personal tastes feel normal, even cool -- whereas other people's are foreign, even gross. Funnily enough, the most vitriolic reactions are towards people that could easily be categorized as being in a similar group. Let's put it this way: if someone tells me that they're into collecting stamps or model trains, my reaction will be somewhat disinterested -- along the lines of "Huh. That's kinda weird, but whatever." However, if someone tries to talk about how they mainly listen to Italian-prog-rock, well, fuck... they might as well admit that they're a furry.


Dallas said...

I kept waiting for the list of things you wouldn't spend money on...

¡Tony! said...


Ryan said...

A timely anecdote:

Eric and I were talking last night. He was geeking out (playing WoW and watching LoTR simultaneously) while I was nerding out (playing Scrabble and watching episode after episode of Nova simultaneously). I'm glad we're all still on similar wavelengths.

kathryn said...

I so told you that you were John Cusack's character in High Fidelity... now you go quoting him.

I guess I'm more of a nerd than a geek. But I do know a few random things about comics, films, cult TV shows, Sci fi and Fantasy Books, etc. And I have been to a Con... although it was for an internship.

(And i know that you're secretly a furry... I saw the bunny costume in your closet.)