... but what will shopping do?

I fell into The Gap, and found this reversible zip sweater and pair of black skinny jeans (on sale). I treated myself to it because I deserve it. Yes. That's my justification.

Stripes equal teh hotness, right?

I can't stop text messaging my friend Aaron with things like:
i'm a mess of anxiety and 90's guitar pop.

teh hotness. fer rlz.

stop being better at life than me.

That is all for the moment. Oh, also... there's a Television record on the stereo.

"Venus" by Television


2die4 said...

And the award for Most Refreshingly Honest Text Messages Sent goes to:


I loves me some Ben. But the GAP...I'll just be at H&M thank you. SMS me!

Ben said...

I so badly there was an H&M here, but sadly there is not. Soon, though -- once I finally get to the big city.

Ben said...

Wish. That's that word missing in the previous comment.