Tape ain't gonna fix it...

One of the most influential and important books to me in the past was Buckminster Fuller's Critical Path. In it he describes how the world is essentially going to fall apart unless we radically change our approach to a number things by the year 2000 -- a date which has, obviously, passed us by. I can't help but think about that a bit when I think about the last eight years.

The book also contains a great deal about the way Buckminster Fuller approached his life. The thing that influenced me the most was his idea (to really paraphrase it) that if he tried to do positive works -- if he could use his ideas to better the world -- than the world would in return take care of him. It's a romantic notion, but that he put it to the test and succeeded is wonderful.

This is what I happened to be thinking about, standing on the porch of my friends' house where I have been staying.

Unrelated, the music I keep listening to lately when I've been driving:

"Tape Song" by The Kills


egoVirus said...

One of my professors turned me onto this book, and it wasn't easy to find. I agree that RBF was possibly the last of the Modern Romantics, and what he says, by advent of his invented English, is profound. A global power grid that everyone contributes to? Awesome. Only, I think a book like The Selfish Gene can help explain why this might never be possible (though I am sure Dawkins would go unnecessarily on the defensive over this supposition). The greatest of human tragedies remains our humanity, and that humans only made it this far by being selfish to begin with.

What up G?

Ben said...

Yeah, I love the global power grid concept -- I remember reading about that and knowing that politics and human nature will probably always get in the way of creating such a thing. It breaks my heart. I do love The Selfish Gene as well, though I have certain issues with Dawkins to be sure. (I think a lot of the theories in The God Delusion were fascinating and very plausible, but Dawkins' ego sure as hell got in the way of that being the book it should have been.)